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Volkswagen Shows Off T-Cross Breeze Concept in Geneva

T-Cross Breeze concept

The crossover segment is hot right now, and with compact crossovers gaining more and more steam thanks to their SUV-like capability and space and car-like maneuverability and fuel economy, automakers all over the world are jumping into the segment in the hopes of hitting it big. At the Geneva Motor Show last month, Volkswagen opted to join in the fun, but with an added touch of luxurious innovation — the addition of a convertible top on the brand’s T-Cross Breeze concept.

The T-Cross Breeze is meant to be both an exploratory journey into the realm of SUV and crossover design as well as a glimpse into the future of Volkswagen’s Polo vehicles. This is especially relevant when you consider the fact that the T-Cross Breeze concept sits on the same platform and underpinnings as the upcoming generation of the Volkswagen Polo. Despite the fact that the T-Cross Breeze crossover is still only a concept, Volkswagen promises the concept will soon make its way to the production line as “the first open-top SUV in its class and, at the same time, an affordable, cheeky cabriolet,” according to Volkswagen Brand Chair Herbert Diess.

Representatives for the brand say that the T-Cross Breeze crossover is the first installment in a series of vehicles that signal a new start for Volkswagen. The ‘New Volkswagen,’ in addition to venturing further into the SUV and crossover segment, will also be setting goals such as becoming the forerunner among electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

The T-Cross Breeze concept is not only a concept car, but also a fun and sporty vision of things to come for Volkswagen within the next few years. The addition of new touchscreen technology, autonomous driving features, a turbocharged engine, and eventual electric power will serve to round out VW’s lineup over the coming decades.