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Volkswagen and LG Team Up to Create Cars with a Connectivity Interface Platform

Volkswagen and LG

As technology in our world grows more advanced every day, it is important for that technology to have the ability to connect with other technologies. In fact, connectivity is a hallmark of the emerging technology for the near future. Volkswagen is not a brand that gets caught up in stagnation. Rather, they are always moving forward! It is that spirit of innovation that has helped propel the latest development for the Volkswagen Research and Development Team.

According to a news article from TechCrunch, Volkswagen and LG are teaming up to create cars with a connectivity interface platform.

So what exactly does it mean to have a connectivity interface platform? For a vehicle, it means the ability to connect with smart devices inside the car. In addition, Volkswagen and LG hope to give drivers the ability to interact with the smart devices in their homes even when they are on the road.

This connectivity platform will also help Volkswagen create the latest and most advanced infotainment systems for its vehicles. Meanwhile, the platform will add another layer of connectivity to LG’s smart devices.

With the vehicle technology of Volkswagen and the smart technology of LG coming together, the possibilities for staying connected on the go are endless!