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VW Adds Audio to MoMa’s Björk Retrospective Exhibit


The Björk retrospective exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art features a first-of-its-kind interactive audio component to complement the experience. Fittingly, its uniqueness reflects the artistry of the exhibit’s subject.

Björk, an Icelandic artist and musician, is the feature of the retrospective that delves into her work as an innovative artist. That work includes eight full-length albums as well as collaborative projects with artists in various genres including photography and film.

The exhibit’s audio component is based on Volkswagen’s “Sound Journey” technology, which creates a personalized soundtrack for drivers based on the angle of the steering wheel, the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and deceleration. In the same way, the Volkswagen Group of America Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) team modified the technology to work as an audio guide for the exhibit. The technology responds to the movements of individual visitors, and trigger points provide narration and music to enhance the experience.

“Just as Björk’s work revolutionized the world of music, the team at the ERL strives daily to delight our customers by creating experiences supported by new breakthrough innovations. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Björk to develop a new pioneering form of augmented audio technology that will provide MoMA visitors with an unparalleled 3D audio experience unlike any other,” said Tina Unterländer, head of operations for the Volkswagen Group of America ERL.

The exhibit opened on March 8th and will remain open to visitors until June 7th of this year. We at Sierra Volkswagen hope to be among the visitors.