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How to Ready Your Car for Winter

Ready Your Car for Winter

Finding the right dealership to take care of your car can be tough, but rest assured that here at Sierra Volkswagen, taking care of cars is what we do each and every day. From routine maintenance to major repairs, there’s nothing we can’t handle. With fall rolling in, now is the perfect time to put us to the test. Here are some things to do this fall at your Volkswagen dealer to ready your car for winter, according to the experts at CarCare.org.

Check the Hoses

Hoses aren’t a part that generally causes major concern among drivers. While it’s possible to check the hoses for signs of cracks, fraying, and looseness, it can be fairly difficult to locate them all. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Certified technicians know the location of each and every hose and belt, allowing them to easily spot potential problems.

Check the Tires

While checking the tire pressure and tread is something you can do at home, signs of uneven wear can be a little hard to detect. Unaligned wheels can lead to uneven wear, causing you to have to replace your tires sooner rather than later. You can easily come into Sierra VW to make sure there are no problems with your tires.

Check the Fluids

Checking the fluids is something that should be done prior to every winter season. There are quite a few fluids to check, and once again, your local Volkswagen dealer is more than capable of getting the job done.

Just let us know if you have any questions about winter car care and we’d be happy to help!