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Volkswagen to Debut Two Cars at 2016 Auto Expo

2016 Auto Expo

The 2016 Auto Expo is coming up soon, and auto manufacturers across the globe are each preparing a little something to show off at the event. Volkswagen is taking the opportunity to debut two different models at the auto show, the speedy Polo GTI hatchback and a long-rumored and highly-anticipated compact sedan that as of yet remains unnamed. The Auto Expo will give enthusiasts and critics alike a closer look at the new additions to the company’s lineup.

The new compact sedan is set to also be based on the Polo model, but will be a revival of Volkswagen’s former Bora nameplate and bear a resemblance to both the Polo and the Vento. The new car was rumored through the publication ZigWheels in early 2015, but no further announcements had been made regarding the sedan until now. The Polo GTI, on the other hand, is revered as the fastest hatchback on the market, is ready to impress with a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine and is expected to launch sometime mid-2016.

The unveiling of the new Polo GTI and the new compact sedan at the 2016 Auto Expo follows Volkswagen’s unveiling of an electric concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Volkswagen is gearing up to take the company’s lineup in new and exciting directions.