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Safe Driving Tips: How to Avoid a Winter Pileup

Winter driving

Winter is always a bad time for driving, especially when conditions are exceptionally severe. It’s times like these that car pileups are incredibly common – that’s why we’ve put together a list of safe driving tips to help you avoid accidents.

According to Popular Mechanics, the best thing you can do in bad conditions is slow down. Not only will this increase the amount of time you’ll have to react, enabling you to stop quicker, it will also lessen the damage if you do get into an accident. Remember to keep in mind people driving behind you, as well as people in front of you.

The second tip is to pay attention to traction. Be aware when you are driving over bridges, as this is a common place for black ice (hard-to-detect ice) and make sure to take care of your tires. You want to regularly check tire tread, as well as tire pressure. Not enough air in your tires can drastically reduce handling.

Tip number three: don’t get overconfident. Just because you may have 4WD doesn’t mean you’re immune from bad driving conditions. Systems like 4WD may prevent you from getting stuck, but they don’t necessarily increase stopping-time or traction.

Last but not least, keep an emergency kit handy in case you do get in an accident. Keeping blankets and water available is essential if you’re stranded in cold temperatures.