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Volkswagen Battery Technology Poised for Leap Forward

Volkswagen Battery Technology

One disadvantage of battery power is that many manufacturers haven’t figured out how to boost power to high-performance levels — until now, that is. Volkswagen recently used quantum computing to develop new battery technology that far outperforms anything that’s come before. With this new technology, you may just be able to drive quickly and efficiently without a trade-off.

According to The Drive, the Volkswagen battery technology is largely hypothetical, but engineers have managed to simulate lithium-hydrogen molecules and carbon chains that are viable for high-performance battery systems. The goal of the Volkswagen group is to develop an entire battery using the new computing system, creating a “tailor-made battery,” to borrow a phrase from the engineers working on the project.

“We are focusing on the modernization of IT systems throughout the Group,” said Martin Hofmann, CIO of Volkswagen. “The objective is to intensify the digitalization of work processes — to make them simpler, more secure, and more efficient and to support new business models.”

Volkswagen is also hoping to cut weight, maximize power, and improve energy-storing capabilities using the new quantum computing systems. Advanced algorithms are just one way Volkswagen engineers have been able to improve auto design and performance, making the brand one of the most advanced on the market.

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