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Introducing the VW Microbus

VW Microbus

The team here at Sierra Volkswagen knows that Volkswagen is always coming up with something innovative. The next innovative step for them? The electric VW Microbus, the I.D. Buzz.

Those new plans will completely redefine the electric minivan into something even cooler. I mean, how many other automakers can say that they’ve designed an electric Microbus? The I.D. Buzz will be the size of a large crossover or small SUV, but with a completely unique design.

The Buzz made its debut at the Detroit auto show last January and entertained people with its unique look. There’s also plenty of efficiency in this all-electric car. The EPA estimated that, on the road, the Buzz would get about 270 miles in range.

The Microbus is also expected to have self-driving modes, which is basically a smarter version of cruise control to make every road trip easier.

For VW division chief, Herbert Diess, it’s not just about efficiency: “Emotional cars are very important for the brand,” Diess said.

Right now, you can only look at pictures of the VW Microbus. But don’t worry, it’s coming! VW is set to release the Microbus in 2021 or 2022. So, in the meantime, dream about the nostalgia you’ll feel behind the wheel of this modern, Beatles-style vehicle.