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Reasons to Love the Beetle: An Enduring Legacy of Creativity

reasons to love the BeetleHearing people mention the Volkswagen Beetle conjures up instant images of its quirky, dome-shaped appearance and circular exterior lights. It’s solidified in our minds as a global icon, hearkening back to its heyday in the 60s despite its debut in the late 1930s. However, there are still lots of reasons to love Beetle nowadays, with its updated features and design while still preserving what makes it so recognizable and unique.


Possibly one of the main reasons people buy VW Beetles: they are compact, interesting to look at, and equally fun to drive with its zippy, light build.


Due to its small, lightweight size and updated engine and powertrain combo, the modern-day VW Beetle offers fuel economy comparable to other compact cars.


It might surprise you, but the VW Beetle is designed to make the most of space and provide ample legroom for taller drivers. Plus, you have all the fun and convenience of modern technology and amenities.


The VW Beetle rates high on the scale for reliability, making it a great ride for drivers who want a long-lasting car.


The VW Beetle is equipped with a smart Crash Reponse System that will automatically unlock the doors, cut the fuel line, and more, in the event of an accident.


There are many more reasons to love the Beetle, but all of the above are some of the top five reasons why people still flock to this small, quirky car. Come see the latest VW Beetle models at Sierra Volkswagen today!