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New Volkswagen TomTom Partnership: Navigation at Your Fingertips

Volkswagen TomTom partnership

Volkswagen is partnering with TomTom to give drivers the best in-car navigation available. By giving drivers real-time traffic data across the globe, Volkswagen is improving vehicle connectivity and adding some innovative new features to keep owners up-to-date on the latest info.

According to Reuters, the Volkswagen TomTom partnership is aimed to supply maps for Volkswagen’s in-dashboard navigation systems, replacing Nokia. That means that about 350,000 new cars will be made with the latest facts at their fingertips.

“Partnering with Volkswagen Group Research to develop the future of HAD reaffirms TomTom’s position as a key partner in the automotive market,” said Harold Goddijn, the CEO of TomTom. “TomTom’s mapping expertise [also] provides the precise data and scalable technology platform needed to enable highly automated driving in cars.”

TomTom and Volkswagen have also been working on automated driving technology that relies on GPS and camera-sensor systems. Right now this program is still in the initial phases, but we couldn’t be more excited about this new partnership.

Volkswagen Golf: Best-Selling Car in Europe Goes Electric


Few cars can claim to have the same kind of widespread substance as the Volkswagen Golf. It’s the best-selling car in Europe and not all that unsuccessful in the United States, either.

So it made sense that Volkswagen made it next on the list of cars to go electric. To make sure it didn’t botch the job, the German automaker designed the MkVII platform, which could fit several drivetrains such as the e-Golf’s AC synchronous motor, without sacrificing any of what makes the Golf the Golf.

The e-version isn’t quite as powerful as the gas-powered one, but its instant torque means it gets off the line faster, which is just what city goers really want. Even better, it has a range of about 70-90 miles (depending on your driving style) and is rated at 112 MPGe, which means you get a whole lot of efficiency as a tradeoff for the top speed.

The rest… well, the rest is pure Volkswagen Golf. A cozy interior, a smooth ride, and a peppy attitude that makes it fun to go around corners. Now we just need to wait for electrics to become more popular in the Sierra Volkswagen area!

Partnership between BMW and Volkswagen Creates More EV Charging Stations

BMW and Volkswagen have announced their joint intention to install almost 100 electric vehicle charging stations along popular routes on both the East and West Coasts. In collaboration with America’s largest electric vehicle charging network, ChargePoint, the automakers will help make some of America’s most-travelled roads more EV-friendly.

The project will include the addition of nearly 100 direct-current fast-charging stations installed from Portland to San Diego, and along Interstate 95 from Boston to Washington, DC, spaced no more than 50 miles apart. According to, we can expect to see these charging stations pop up in convenient locations like shopping centers, rest stops, and restaurants.

“A robust network of conveniently located [direct current] fast charging stations will go a long way toward increasing electric vehicle adoption and making electric vehicle ownership even more enjoyable,” Robert Healey, Head of EV Infrastructure at BMW of North America, said. “The express charging corridors are another important step in the development of the U.S. e-mobility infrastructure that makes longer distance travel a real option for consumers, particularly along the most heavily trafficked portions of both coasts.”

The first stations are already underway on the West Coast, with the first location in San Diego.

These high-speed charging stations can juice up a Volkswagen e-Golf to 80% in just 20 minutes. All stations will be BMW- and Volkswagen-compatible (along with several other models), and will also include level 2 chargers, which can charge nearly all electric vehicles, with the exception of Tesla.

Here at Sierra Volkswagen, we want to know: would you choose an electric vehicle as your primary source of transportation, provided that Ottawa boasted a robust EV charging network? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

Volkswagen-BMW Partnership: Taking on Tesla

Volkswagen-BMW Partnership

Elon Musk really opened the door to electrical competition with Tesla. Now Volkswagen and BMW are joining forces to tackle a major concern: the current lack of charging stations which are off-putting for many would-be electric vehicle owners. Who wants to run out of juice halfway to a charging station?

The Volkswagen-BMW partnership is looking to help ease minds by adding 100 direct current, fast charging ports across the United States. By partnering with ChargePoint—a startup providing the network for access to charging stations—the partners are looking to get this done quickly. “The build out schedule is literally as fast as humanly possible,” said Robert Healey, BMW’s head of EV infrastructure. “We’re fully funded and fully staffed. The only limiting factor is normal construction time.”

The charging stations will not only support BMW and Volkswagen vehicles, but any vehicle with DC fast-charging capabilities and an SAE Combo connector, the standard favorite. The chargers, as a result, will be compatible with almost all electric vehicles. “From BMW’s perspective, we’re committed to support electric car mobility, not only for BMW but for others,” said Healey. Hats off to that! Your move, Tesla.