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New Volkswagen SUV Concept Scheduled to Pirouette In Detroit Next Month

Sources at the automotive rumor-mill say Volkswagen will be towing a new SUV concept to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month. This vehicle will be sporty as all get-out and seat five happy campers. As always, we at Sierra Volkswagen are excited to get more details on this Volkswagen concept.

This isn’t the first time Volkswagen has teased us with a crossover concept. As Truck Trend reminds us, VW dangled the Volkswagen SUV concept CrossBlue before our eyes a couple of years ago in Motor City. The CrossBlue could accommodate six passengers, one short of the special number that typically qualifies a vehicle as an SUV.

Luckily for those sticklers, this new crossover will likely “spin off into a production seven-seat SUV,” reports Truck Trend. Families of seven rejoice! This seven-seater will slide in above the Touareg in VW’s lineup, if everyone’s calculations are correct.

Speculation Swirling over Volkswagen Entering Formula 1

Next year could prove to be an exciting one in Formula 1 racing as the Volkswagen Group is reportedly considering entering the sport.

The reports are being circulated courtesy of BBC, which claims Volkswagen is in the midst of a feasibility study that will help determine the company’s next course of action.

Among the swirling speculations are rumors of tension between Volkswagen’s Ferdinand Piech and the Formula 1 head, Bernie Ecclestone, which could apparently factor into the organization’s decision.

BBC’s chief F1 analyst Eddie Jordan offered his opinion, stating, “The Volkswagen Audi group is the second biggest car maker in the world and as such it needs to be in Formula 1.”

Some of the automotive group’s senior board members are believed to be in favor of entering the track to show off the talent of VW’s vehicles; however, a spokesperson pointed to a statement in which VW’s chairman of the board of management expressed his pleasure in the brands’ current motorsports.

We can only hope they decide to throw their hats into the ring. What are your thoughts on Volkswagen entering Formula 1? We at Sierra Volkswagen would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Hooray, the Sierra Volkswagen Blog is Live!

The Sierra Volkswagen Blog is here!

We hope to get you behind the wheel of a Volkswagen in 2015.

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