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Volkswagen Battery Technology Poised for Leap Forward

Volkswagen Battery Technology

One disadvantage of battery power is that many manufacturers haven’t figured out how to boost power to high-performance levels — until now, that is. Volkswagen recently used quantum computing to develop new battery technology that far outperforms anything that’s come before. With this new technology, you may just be able to drive quickly and efficiently without a trade-off.

According to The Drive, the Volkswagen battery technology is largely hypothetical, but engineers have managed to simulate lithium-hydrogen molecules and carbon chains that are viable for high-performance battery systems. The goal of the Volkswagen group is to develop an entire battery using the new computing system, creating a “tailor-made battery,” to borrow a phrase from the engineers working on the project.

“We are focusing on the modernization of IT systems throughout the Group,” said Martin Hofmann, CIO of Volkswagen. “The objective is to intensify the digitalization of work processes — to make them simpler, more secure, and more efficient and to support new business models.”

Volkswagen is also hoping to cut weight, maximize power, and improve energy-storing capabilities using the new quantum computing systems. Advanced algorithms are just one way Volkswagen engineers have been able to improve auto design and performance, making the brand one of the most advanced on the market.

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2017 Golf looks to welcome the 2018 Golf family

New 2018 Golf Family Improves Style and Tech

Volkswagen recently revealed the 2018 Golf Family at the New York International Auto Show. Models include the standard Golf, Alltrack, GTI, SportWagen, and R models. There have been updates to the interior and exterior styling, infotainment technologies, and driver assistance systems, as well as some minor changes under the hood. We can’t wait to see the new Golf Family in action.

According to Volkswagen, the Golf Family will get sharper lines, new bumpers, chrome trim, and LED lighting. The brand is also adding Daytime Running Lights to improve visibility, while wheel designs and colors have also been revamped for 2018. The interior will have new trim panels and special materials, making driving more comfortable.

Notable tech upgrades include things like an improved touchscreen as well as the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit. The Golf Family will get this optional customizable vehicle information system that’s built into the dashboard, a feature that comes standard on the Golf R. Meanwhile, SE trims and above will get available Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking, both of which significantly reduce the risk of collision.

The standard Golf has a 1.8-liter TSI engine with up to 170 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque. The Alltrack and SportWagen get 4Motion all-wheel drive, while the GTI has a 2.0-liter TSI with 220 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The R has a specially tuned powertrain with up to 292 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, as well as an optional seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission. These are just some of the great new features on the 2018 Golf Family. Stop by Sierra Volkswagen to learn more about the Golf.

More Volkswagen Electric Cars Are Coming- And That’s A Great Thing

Volkswagen electric cars

VW recently signed a deal with Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile in order to produce more Volkswagen electric cars that will be made available internationally. At the moment VW only has the e-Golf, an electric hatchback version of its Golf model.

Anhui Jianghuai isn’t popular outside of China, but it has met great success this year between its two brands, Jianghuai and Ankai, selling 333,639 units in the first six months of the year. China is pressuring its automakers to produce more electric and low-emission cars because of high pollution rates.

VW has recently indicated that it is going to move more toward battery-powered cars, saying that the VW group, including brands Porsche and Audi in addition to Volkswagen, plans to introduce 30 fully electric cars in the next ten years.

China also hopes to become an electric car leader, and both VW and Anhui Jianghuai agree their partnership will be mutually beneficial in helping them develop more electric and low-emission vehicles, reducing impact on the environment, and supporting Chinese society.

The chairman of Anhui Jianghuai says their company wants to focus on developing vehicles that are both ecofriendly and cost effective and eventually wants to transform the Chinese auto industry.

Volkswagen and LG Team Up to Create Cars with a Connectivity Interface Platform

Volkswagen and LG

As technology in our world grows more advanced every day, it is important for that technology to have the ability to connect with other technologies. In fact, connectivity is a hallmark of the emerging technology for the near future. Volkswagen is not a brand that gets caught up in stagnation. Rather, they are always moving forward! It is that spirit of innovation that has helped propel the latest development for the Volkswagen Research and Development Team.

According to a news article from TechCrunch, Volkswagen and LG are teaming up to create cars with a connectivity interface platform.

So what exactly does it mean to have a connectivity interface platform? For a vehicle, it means the ability to connect with smart devices inside the car. In addition, Volkswagen and LG hope to give drivers the ability to interact with the smart devices in their homes even when they are on the road.

This connectivity platform will also help Volkswagen create the latest and most advanced infotainment systems for its vehicles. Meanwhile, the platform will add another layer of connectivity to LG’s smart devices.

With the vehicle technology of Volkswagen and the smart technology of LG coming together, the possibilities for staying connected on the go are endless!

Volkswagen Shows Off T-Cross Breeze Concept in Geneva

T-Cross Breeze concept

The crossover segment is hot right now, and with compact crossovers gaining more and more steam thanks to their SUV-like capability and space and car-like maneuverability and fuel economy, automakers all over the world are jumping into the segment in the hopes of hitting it big. At the Geneva Motor Show last month, Volkswagen opted to join in the fun, but with an added touch of luxurious innovation — the addition of a convertible top on the brand’s T-Cross Breeze concept.

The T-Cross Breeze is meant to be both an exploratory journey into the realm of SUV and crossover design as well as a glimpse into the future of Volkswagen’s Polo vehicles. This is especially relevant when you consider the fact that the T-Cross Breeze concept sits on the same platform and underpinnings as the upcoming generation of the Volkswagen Polo. Despite the fact that the T-Cross Breeze crossover is still only a concept, Volkswagen promises the concept will soon make its way to the production line as “the first open-top SUV in its class and, at the same time, an affordable, cheeky cabriolet,” according to Volkswagen Brand Chair Herbert Diess.

Representatives for the brand say that the T-Cross Breeze crossover is the first installment in a series of vehicles that signal a new start for Volkswagen. The ‘New Volkswagen,’ in addition to venturing further into the SUV and crossover segment, will also be setting goals such as becoming the forerunner among electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

The T-Cross Breeze concept is not only a concept car, but also a fun and sporty vision of things to come for Volkswagen within the next few years. The addition of new touchscreen technology, autonomous driving features, a turbocharged engine, and eventual electric power will serve to round out VW’s lineup over the coming decades.

Volkswagen Celebrates 60th VW Bus Anniversary

VW Bus anniversary

Are there any vehicles quite as iconic in the history of the automobile industry as the Volkswagen Bulli and Transporter? The Bulli was quickly nicknamed the VW bus and claimed wide success and popularity all over the world, particularly in the 60s, the decade that followed closely on the heels of the Bulli’s 1956 debut. Now, 60 years later, Volkswagen is commemorating the VW bus anniversary by organizing a museum exhibit at the plant where the bus was originally produced.

The original date of the Bulli can be traced back to March 8, 1956, when the very first Volkswagen Bulli rolled off the production line at Volkswagen’s new (at the time) plant in Hanover. These days, the Historical Museum of Hanover is organizing an event to celebrate and remember the long legacy the famous VW bus has left behind. Incorporating everything from eyewitness accounts, real vintage Bullis, photographs, and live reenactments, the exhibit will also allow Volkswagen representatives to guide visitors through VW’s latest production processes.

The event, running from March 9th until June 26th of this year, is not only a tribute to the Volkswagen Bulli itself but also to the partnership of Volkswagen and Hanover. Volkswagen has contributed greatly to economic growth in the region, allowing thousands of people to hold down steady jobs for 60 years now. In addition, Volkswagen has also worked closely with the city of Hanover to solve transportation issues for its residents

The VW bus anniversary is also the anniversary of when Hanover won out over 230 other towns for the site of Volkswagen’s factory plant. The move proved to be a smart one for both Hanover and Volkswagen, as the growth that followed in subsequent decades was founded on a stable and lasting partnership. Plus, we got a pretty cute bus out of the deal, too.

Unique New Volkswagen EV on the Way, Separate from Golf

New Volkswagen EV

What’s the new EV going to look like? We can hardly wait!

Volkswagen has an entirely new electric vehicle on the way, in addition to the upcoming, latest version of the e-Golf, according to reports. Details from the automaker have been slim, but the new vehicle is said to be “iconic,” just like the Golf.

All we know currently is that the new model will be a stand-alone electric vehicle, likely based on the e-Golf’s electric powertrain. However, the new EV will not be based on the e-Golf itself, and should boast seriously impressive electric mileage numbers.

Head Volkswagen exec Herbert Diess says the vehicle will hit the road sometime in 2019, so hopefully, we will be getting more information about this future vehicle soon. The vehicle is said to be “the Volkswagen for the digital age” – a promising prospect, indeed.

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CES Sees Debut of New Volkswagen Electric Car

Volkswagen Electric Car

Volkswagen recently unveiled a new electric car.

2015 was a rough year for Volkswagen, but as they say, “New Year New You,” and the company has its own list of New Year’s resolutions after debuting the concept of a new Volkswagen electric car at the Consumer Electronics Show January 5th. Volkswagen says it hopes its concept exemplifies a new direction for the company as it seeks innovations in safe and more energy-efficient alternatives to the traditional driving experience.

The unveiling of the brand new electric concept was preceded by an image teaser posted to Volkswagen’s website, which depicted a front-view of the vehicle that had been cropped down to its headlight, grille, and one of its wheels, while a translucent shroud was draped over the car, giving the whole teaser a rather mysterious air. In the press release, Volkswagen stated the vehicle “marks the beginning of a new era of affordable long-distance electromobility.”

The only prior EV in Volkswagen’s lineup was a plug-in variation of the Golf, referred to as the e-Golf, but this new concept shows Volkswagen taking a new direction as a company and leaving 2015 behind it. Showing off a vehicle at CES is also an innovation in itself, as the event is not specifically an auto show but a platform for various electronics companies to show off their upcoming products, though with the rise of EVs the CES has been seeing more of an automobile presence in recent years.

Volkswagen to Debut Two Cars at 2016 Auto Expo

2016 Auto Expo

The 2016 Auto Expo is coming up soon, and auto manufacturers across the globe are each preparing a little something to show off at the event. Volkswagen is taking the opportunity to debut two different models at the auto show, the speedy Polo GTI hatchback and a long-rumored and highly-anticipated compact sedan that as of yet remains unnamed. The Auto Expo will give enthusiasts and critics alike a closer look at the new additions to the company’s lineup.

The new compact sedan is set to also be based on the Polo model, but will be a revival of Volkswagen’s former Bora nameplate and bear a resemblance to both the Polo and the Vento. The new car was rumored through the publication ZigWheels in early 2015, but no further announcements had been made regarding the sedan until now. The Polo GTI, on the other hand, is revered as the fastest hatchback on the market, is ready to impress with a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine and is expected to launch sometime mid-2016.

The unveiling of the new Polo GTI and the new compact sedan at the 2016 Auto Expo follows Volkswagen’s unveiling of an electric concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Volkswagen is gearing up to take the company’s lineup in new and exciting directions.

Discover the Latest Beetle: Introducing the 2016 Beetle Dune Design

2016 Beetle Dune design

Volkswagen has a stunning new vehicle in the works.

The new 2016 Beetle Dune design has the fans raving. This sleek new Baja-like Bug has coupe and convertible options, more aggressive exterior styling, the latest high-tech gadgets, and truly unique color options.

What makes the VW Beetle Dune so special? According to VW, this new trim is the latest in the Beetle lineup, a new take on a classic. Overall, this is the most aggressive Beetle design ever, and frankly, it’s one of the boldest moves this automaker has ever made. You’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised by both the striking and the subtle changes that make the Dune truly unique.

“The new Dune successfully captures the iconic spirit of Baja Beetles, with a more rugged feel and amenities never before offered on the third-generation Beetle,” said Joerg Sommer, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “With its sporty and aggressive design and a number of the new technology features, we are confident that the new Dune will appeal to both new and returning Beetle customers.”

The exterior has the air of a Porsche (a nod to its creator, Ferdinand Porsche), as well as a classic Baja-look. Black racing stripes, striking LED lighting, new wheels, and a range of bright desert colors are just the start. The Dune has some subtle changes like a wider stance, slightly bigger wheels, a Composition Media infotainment system, and Cilmatronic technology.