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Reasons to Love the Beetle: An Enduring Legacy of Creativity

reasons to love the BeetleHearing people mention the Volkswagen Beetle conjures up instant images of its quirky, dome-shaped appearance and circular exterior lights. It’s solidified in our minds as a global icon, hearkening back to its heyday in the 60s despite its debut in the late 1930s. However, there are still lots of reasons to love Beetle nowadays, with its updated features and design while still preserving what makes it so recognizable and unique.


Possibly one of the main reasons people buy VW Beetles: they are compact, interesting to look at, and equally fun to drive with its zippy, light build.


Due to its small, lightweight size and updated engine and powertrain combo, the modern-day VW Beetle offers fuel economy comparable to other compact cars.


It might surprise you, but the VW Beetle is designed to make the most of space and provide ample legroom for taller drivers. Plus, you have all the fun and convenience of modern technology and amenities.


The VW Beetle rates high on the scale for reliability, making it a great ride for drivers who want a long-lasting car.


The VW Beetle is equipped with a smart Crash Reponse System that will automatically unlock the doors, cut the fuel line, and more, in the event of an accident.


There are many more reasons to love the Beetle, but all of the above are some of the top five reasons why people still flock to this small, quirky car. Come see the latest VW Beetle models at Sierra Volkswagen today!

Volkswagen’s Sales Goals Reaffirmed

Volkswagen's sales goals

Despite what seems to be a plague of problems, Volkswagen is still looking to the skies. The automaker told dealers it wouldn’t be backing away from its mass-market strategy in the United States. The plan is exactly the opposite. Volkswagen’s sales goals are still going forward with several new models planned in coming years.

In March, Volkswagen announced plans to build an SUV larger than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. A smaller compact SUV was also brought up, although there’s no official word on that just yet.

To support the automaker’s plan to continue mass-marketing in the United States, Volkswagen has doubled production of its all-wheel drive station wagon. That vehicle is set to take on Subaru when it hits roadways later this year.

“We are working to redefine the Volkswagen brand in the United States by strengthening our management team, our partnerships with dealers, and our product portfolio,” said Herbert Diess, global head of Volkswagen.

The German automaker primarily builds car designed for Europe. While European models are packed with appliances, that marketing strategy doesn’t work as well in the United States. Thankfully, Volkswagen has been working to redefine the brand in the United States and, despite obstacles, there’s high hopes for the brand’s sales goals in coming years.

Here at Sierra Volkswagen, we couldn’t be happier with the manufacturer’s commitment to the United States market!

Volkswagen Shows Off T-Cross Breeze Concept in Geneva

T-Cross Breeze concept

The crossover segment is hot right now, and with compact crossovers gaining more and more steam thanks to their SUV-like capability and space and car-like maneuverability and fuel economy, automakers all over the world are jumping into the segment in the hopes of hitting it big. At the Geneva Motor Show last month, Volkswagen opted to join in the fun, but with an added touch of luxurious innovation — the addition of a convertible top on the brand’s T-Cross Breeze concept.

The T-Cross Breeze is meant to be both an exploratory journey into the realm of SUV and crossover design as well as a glimpse into the future of Volkswagen’s Polo vehicles. This is especially relevant when you consider the fact that the T-Cross Breeze concept sits on the same platform and underpinnings as the upcoming generation of the Volkswagen Polo. Despite the fact that the T-Cross Breeze crossover is still only a concept, Volkswagen promises the concept will soon make its way to the production line as “the first open-top SUV in its class and, at the same time, an affordable, cheeky cabriolet,” according to Volkswagen Brand Chair Herbert Diess.

Representatives for the brand say that the T-Cross Breeze crossover is the first installment in a series of vehicles that signal a new start for Volkswagen. The ‘New Volkswagen,’ in addition to venturing further into the SUV and crossover segment, will also be setting goals such as becoming the forerunner among electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

The T-Cross Breeze concept is not only a concept car, but also a fun and sporty vision of things to come for Volkswagen within the next few years. The addition of new touchscreen technology, autonomous driving features, a turbocharged engine, and eventual electric power will serve to round out VW’s lineup over the coming decades.

Cold Weather and Your Car: How It Affects Performance

cold weather and your car

While some people may enjoy winter for the snowy landscape, the brisk cool temperatures, and the holiday season, the winter can have some drastic effects on your car. We’ve put together a post on cold weather and your car so you know what to be aware of during these cold months.

According to AccuWeather, there are five main things to be aware of: battery, fluids, tires, wipers, and spark plugs. All of these components will take a hit with the cold weather, making them less reliable and more likely to fail.

Cold weather pulls voltage from batteries and electrical systems. Batteries work best in temperatures between 30 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit; however, temperatures outside of this range mean your battery is considerably more likely to fail.

Fluids thicken in the winter. When you change your oil, you should always opt for a thinner, or less viscous, fluid. This makes it more effective in your engine. Also, make sure to get antifreeze/coolant with a 50/50 mix – believe it or not, this mixture is more resistant to cold temperatures than even pure antifreeze.

Colder air means your tire pressure is going to decrease. For every 10 degree drop in the temperature, expect about a loss of 1 psi. That means that if you live in areas like the Midwest, you’ll have to seasonally adjust your tire pressure.

Wipers should be changed annually, and the winter is the perfect time to do this because you tend to use them more at this time.

Finally, spark plugs wear out more in the winter. Bad ignition leads to poor performance and lousy fuel economy. If your car is being difficult when you start it or idling rough, consider changing out your spark plugs.

Easy Car Cleaning Tips to Maintain a Tidy Interior

Car Cleaning Tips

Do you have trouble keeping the inside of your car clean? Whether your vehicle tends to fill up with trash, kids’ toys, or pet-related messes – for some of us – it seems as if the car just never stays clean.

Here are some car cleaning tips to get you started:

  • Keep a trash can or trash bag (safely) in reach, and consider adding a second one to the back seat, if you frequently have passengers.
  • Avoid eating in your vehicle, so that you won’t be tempted to casually toss food wrappers or napkins on the ground.
  • If you frequently have pets in the car, consider purchasing an easily washable blanket and/or easily washable mats, to make cleaning a breeze.
  • Take a good look at the back seat of your car at least once a month. If you’re never back there yourself, you’ll never know what kind of mess is accumulating.
  • Lastly, ask for help. If you’ve gotten in over your hand, ask a friend or your kids to help you clean the car, especially if they’ve helped contribute to the mess!


Do you have any other ideas? Let us know how you keep your car interior clean in the comments.

Start Fall the Right Way, With These Pumpkin Patches Near Ottawa

Pumpkin Patches Near Ottawa

Now that it’s finally October, it’s time for one of the year’s most celebrated traditions: the choosing and carving of a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. Thankfully, there are a ton of pumpkin patches near Ottawa, IL from which to choose:

When choosing a pumpkin, be sure to pick one that doesn’t have any major bruising. Also, if you choose a pumpkin with a flat bottom, it will be easy for the pumpkin to stand up on its own.

And if you happen to be driving past us here at Sierra Volkswagen during Halloween, consider stopping by to check out one of our many available vehicles!

Volkswagen Safety Ratings Sky High for Jetta and Golf

Volkswagen safety ratings

Volkswagen safety ratings have a leg-up on the competition. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, recently gave the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta nameplates top-tier safety ratings.

Both vehicles made it onto the Top Safety Pick+ shortlist and received an advanced rating for front crash prevention. The boost onto the list, an improvement over the 2015 models’ safety ratings, came with the inclusion of the Driver Assistance package in the 2016 models, which comes with a Front Assist system.

In addition to the Driver Assistance package, both the Jetta and Golf now come with a post-collision braking system that applies brakes upon sensing a primary collision. Both vehicles also have the Intelligence Crash Response System, which automatically activates hazard lights, interior lights, shuts off the fuel pump, and unlocks doors in the case of emergency situations.

Volkswagen safety ratings, particularly for the Golf and Jetta, are usually high, though the addition of a new front crash prevention requirement in 2015 caused ratings to drop. However, only a year was needed for the company to reassert itself as a leader in car safety.

Volkswagen Golf US Sales Continue to Rise


Volkswagen Golf US salesThe Volkswagen Golf family of vehicles is gaining quite the fan following in America. The compact car won the title of North American Car of the Year earlier this year and since then has only been rising in popularity. While compact car sales are only up 1.1 percent for the overall auto industry, the combined Volkswagen Golf US sales are up a staggering 150 percent.

The sheer success of the Golf has offset Volkswagen sales declines in other areas; between May and July alone, the Golf alone brought home sales gains for the company. Current trends shift toward crossovers, causing Volkswagen’s cars to trail behind the competition, but the Volkswagen Golf is a unique and interesting spectacle in the market – it’s the only wildly popular compact car in the industry.

The Golf lineup is broad and versatile, and allows buyers to choose from a variety of options, and yet another variant – the SportWagen AllTrack – is set to debut next year, complete with off-roading capabilities and all-wheel drive.

In recent years, Volkswagen has completed revamped its strategy for appealing to the American market, and it appears to be working. The automaker has changed the pricing for the Golf lineup based on American trends and is working more closely with American car dealerships – just to name a couple improvements. In any case, what it is doing appears to be working, as Volkswagen Golf US sales are skyrocketing.

Volkswagen Celebrates 500,000th VW Passat

500,000th VW Passat
Cheers to Volkswagen! The automaker recently celebrated building the 500,000th VW Passat at its plant in Tennessee.

Built at Chattanooga Volkswagen, the Passat was assembled in the first and only LEED Platinum certified factory in the world. The milestone model is a Limited Edition dressed in a Candy White exterior and black interior. It offers keyless entry with pushbutton start, heated seats, a rearview camera, premium radio, 170 hp produced from its 1.8-liter turbo engine, and so much more.

“Our Passat has raised the bar on what Americans can expect from a mid-size sedan and the 500,000th car was built with the same passion for detail as the first,” said president and CEO of Volkswagen Chattanooga, Christian Koch. “I’m proud of our team and excited about new products on the horizon in this factory.”

In addition to building the beloved VW Passat, Chattanooga Volkswagen is in the process of a $900 million expansion which will enable the plant to create 2,000 new jobs and add a second vehicle to its production lineup, a mid-size SUV for seven passengers.

Congratulations to Volkswagen on building half a million Passat models and to the hard-working team in Tennessee.

Volkswagen Achieves ‘World’s Largest Automaker by Sales’ Title

'World’s Largest Automaker by Sales'

It has been a successful year thus far for the Volkswagen family. With sales passing five million vehicles from January to June, the automaker boasts the title of ‘World’s Largest Automaker by Sales’.

VW beat Japanese competitor Toyota in sales for the first half of the year with reports of 5.04 million vehicles sold compared to Toyota’s 5.02 million. Naturally, the company aims to continue this success with goals of surpassing last year’s record-breaking year of 10.14 million cars sold.

Volkswagen’s recent success is hardly the result of crossed fingers and wishes sent to a magic genie. The title is one the automaker has made plans to achieve and a goal that was impressively reached three years ahead of schedule.

However, VW’s executives also recognize the “World’s Largest Automaker” title will only be maintained through continued careful strategizing. One way the company plans to fight to defend the title is to continue its restructuring, splitting the Volkswagen Group, with its 12 brands, into four distinct holding companies in order to improve the company’s operations and ability to respond to the changing auto market.

Of course, VW will also continue to produce quality luxury vehicles that cater to customers’ needs. That is, after all, the best way to boast top sales in the world: to deliver a product the world wants to buy.