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Tips on How to Increase Fuel Efficiency

How to Increase fuel efficiency

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle for drivers today is fuel efficiency. If drivers want to save money at the gas pump, then they are going to need a vehicle with good fuel economy. However, there are other ways that drivers can save on fuel as well. If you are looking to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, then follow these tips on how to increase fuel efficiency.

Slowly Accelerate and Brake

It may be tempting for drivers in a hurry to accelerate quickly and brake only when they have to. While this may get you to your destination quicker, it will not get you there cheaper! Constant accelerating and braking can take its toll on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Use Your Vehicle’s Cruise Control

Going hand in hand with the last tip, utilizing the cruise control that your vehicle comes packaged with will help you maintain a constant speed on the highway, thus eliminating the need for constant throttle management, which lowers fuel economy.

Remove Excess Cargo

Finding time to remove any excess cargo from your vehicle can be difficult. However, it is very helpful in the long run, as the more stuff you have weighing down your vehicle, the worse your vehicle’s fuel efficiency will be.

If you follow these simple times, you will soon be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you can save on the road!

Instructions on How to Prepare for a Tornado

How to Prepare for a Tornado

The weather during the summer is usually very pleasant. However, due to changing temperatures and the different fronts (or ‘blocks’ of air), that beautiful weather can often times suddenly become severe. In the most extreme cases, that severe weather can result in a tornado! Even though tornadoes are some of the most frightening phenomenon on the planet, there are several ways that you and your family can prepare for them. Keep these instructions on how to prepare for a tornado in mind this summer.

  • If the weather report is calling for severe weather soon, then you might want to consider removing any dead or broken branches from trees surrounding your home.
  • In addition to removing any dead branches, you will also want to bring in any furniture that is located in your yard that the tornado could potentially pick up.
  • You and your family should work to pick out a room in your house to serve as your designated safe room. The ideal safe room will be located under the ground and will not possess any windows.

If you follow these instructions on how to properly prepare for a tornado, then you and your family can be better prepared for any severe weather that comes your way this summer.

How to Remove Smells From a Car

Remove Smells From a Car

Eliminating downright disgusting smells can be difficult and rolling the windows down isn’t always viable. You don’t need any expensive kits or tools to remove tough smells. Odds are you have a few things at home that can get the job done. Here are a few ways to remove smells from a car from us here at Sierra Volkswagen.

  • Cinnamon Sticks – Particularly delightful during the winter season, cinnamon sticks can eliminate odors within an hour. Simply boil the sticks in hot water and pour the resulting liquid into a cup. Allow the water to cool with the windows up. The end result is a sweet smell that will make you forget all about the previous occupying odors.
  • Citrus Peels – Whether you’re a health nut or just love the smell of citrus, save your peels. Oranges, lemons, and lime peels placed in a cup will soak up any lingering smells in your car. After a day or so, you’ll be left with the fruity scent passengers tend to love.
  • Cat Litter – Literally designed to capture and eliminate odors, cat litter does its job well. Let a bowl of litter sit in your car overnight. By the next day, the disgusting smells will be gone. As an added bonus, you can even reuse the litter for your little feline!

Basic Snow Shoveling Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter

Snow Shoveling Tips

Unless your car looks like this. Then you’re probably doomed.

While most of us are well aware of the dangers of driving on snow, not as many people realize how dangerous it can be to actually shovel snow.

When attempted improperly, simply shoveling your sidewalk to clear it of snow can cause injuries – and in some tragic cases, death. This is more often a problem for the elderly, but it goes to show how much of a strain the process can be.

A few snow shoveling tips:

First of all, if you are sick or tired, do not attempt to shovel snow. And if you start to feel uncomfortable once you begin, you should stop. If you are ill or injured, shoveling is seriously not worth the risk.

Secondly, it’s important to get a good quality shovel, specifically for you. The shovel shouldn’t be too heavy, but it should be able to get the job done. You also don’t want a cheap shovel that may break.

Lastly – never pick up the snow, and definitely never throw it over your shoulder. This is unnecessary strain. All you need to do is simply push the snow out of the way!