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The VW Camper Van Returns

VW Camper Van

There are certain vehicles in the history of automobiles that call a particular era to mind. Few of them, however, are as strong as the Volkswagen camper van and its association with the 1960s and 1970s. These quirky, two-toned, colorful vans never really went out of style and have been even more popular in recent years as “van life” becomes a more common way of life.

Now hippies and van lovers near and far will be delighted to hear that the VW camper van is back again as a new concept vehicle. However, this time the VW camper van is returning with a futuristic twist. Not only does this new emission-free camper van run on two electric motors, it will also be a self-driving vehicle. The van is designed so that the steering wheel can retract into the cockpit with the push of a VW logo button, allowing the van to pilot autonomously. This would be made possible by scanners, radar sensors, and a camera monitor.

This I.D. concept van debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. As of now, it’s nothing more than a supremely futuristic concept van. But as the VW I.D. car is expected to be on the market in 2020, it’s always possible that the concept will be carried out. This may just be what the future of camping looks like, but only time will tell if we’ll have autonomous VW vans at Sierra Volkswagen some day!

Preventative Car Maintenance

Preventative Car Maintenance

Preventative Car Maintenance

Preventative Car Maintenance Tips

Keeping your car up and running at peak performance is as easy as keeping it properly maintained. While that may sound like a challenge for many drivers, properly taking care of your vehicle can be done through simple maintenance; you can even do it in your own garage. Here are a few preventative car maintenance tips from us here at Sierra Volkswagen.

  • Check the Oil – Your car’s engine will only run for years if it gets regular oil changes. While most manufacturers include a service schedule that indicates when an oil change is required, it never hurts to check it yourself. Simply pop the hood, pull the dipstick out, and wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel. Reinsert it and remove it again. Make sure the oil is between the two lines at the end of the dipstick.
  • Check the Battery – A battery’s lifespan varies depending on the climate you live in. Fortunately, extending its lifespan is as easy as cleaning the contacts. Invest in a battery cleaning brush and battery tester or jump starter. Clean up the contacts and look for any bulges or bumps.
  • Tire Rotations – Your car’s tires should generally be rotated at the same time your car needs an oil change. Tire rotations extend the lifespan of the set of tires, provide a smoother ride, and you can do it at home! Check your owner’s manual for instructions.

These tips should help keep your car in great shape through the years. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

New Krispy Kreme Opening This Month in Chicago Suburb


New Krispy Kreme OpeningChicago is about to get hot—or at least, its donut scene is. The beloved donut chain Krispy Kreme is making its way into the Windy City, finding a new home on South Halstead Street in the suburb of Homewood.

This brand-new Krispy Kreme storefront is set to open on January 10th, 2017 in a big way. To celebrate its grand-opening, the store will give the first 100 customers free donuts. The first dozen customers (not baker’s dozen, sadly) will receive a free dozen Original Glazed donuts every week for a year—talk about a sugar rush.

If you’re one of the customers that happen to be number 13-100, you won’t miss out on everything. While you might not get a dozen donuts every week, you will receive a fresh batch of a dozen Original Glazed donuts every month for a year.

For those interested in lining up for these hot and ready treats, you can begin doing so on January 9th. At this time, the store will set up a heated tent and provide you with a placement number. The doors will officially open at 6am on the 10th.

Along with delicious donuts, this Krispy Kreme will have a 24-hour drive-thru for your late-night cravings. This opening will also mark the premier of Krispy Kreme’s new premium coffee in the Midwest region.

Polar Adventure Days in Chicago

polar adventure days

The Chicago Park District is hosting the 12th annual Polar Adventure Days at Northerly Island Park this year. Park-goers will have the unique opportunity to come face-to-face with a number of winter animals, go snowshoeing, make winter crafts, and just enjoy the winter beauty of the prairie.

The Polar Adventure Days will be held on December 10th; January 21, 2017; and February 25, 2017. The event itself is free, but parking costs $3 (cash only).

Depending on the weather, you may get to see a team of huskies pull a dog sled. There will also be wolves, birds of prey, and other live animals.

“The Polar Adventure Days is one of the Park District’s most unique events,” said Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Michael Kelly. “To be able to walk around in snowshoes and interact with wolves is not an experience that many Chicagoans get living in the city.”

Take a tour of the new Northerly Island Natural Area and walk through the visitor’s center. Then, sip a cup of hot cocoa while you take a walk across the winter prairie. Each day, there will also be raffle prizes and giveaways provided by Coca-Cola.

Are you planning to attend the Polar Adventure Days?

Reasons to Love the Beetle: An Enduring Legacy of Creativity

reasons to love the BeetleHearing people mention the Volkswagen Beetle conjures up instant images of its quirky, dome-shaped appearance and circular exterior lights. It’s solidified in our minds as a global icon, hearkening back to its heyday in the 60s despite its debut in the late 1930s. However, there are still lots of reasons to love Beetle nowadays, with its updated features and design while still preserving what makes it so recognizable and unique.


Possibly one of the main reasons people buy VW Beetles: they are compact, interesting to look at, and equally fun to drive with its zippy, light build.


Due to its small, lightweight size and updated engine and powertrain combo, the modern-day VW Beetle offers fuel economy comparable to other compact cars.


It might surprise you, but the VW Beetle is designed to make the most of space and provide ample legroom for taller drivers. Plus, you have all the fun and convenience of modern technology and amenities.


The VW Beetle rates high on the scale for reliability, making it a great ride for drivers who want a long-lasting car.


The VW Beetle is equipped with a smart Crash Reponse System that will automatically unlock the doors, cut the fuel line, and more, in the event of an accident.


There are many more reasons to love the Beetle, but all of the above are some of the top five reasons why people still flock to this small, quirky car. Come see the latest VW Beetle models at Sierra Volkswagen today!

Haunted Ghost Ship on the Spirit of Chicago Halloween Cruise

Haunted Ghost Ship aboard the Spirit of Chicago

If you’re looking for a fun and spooky event to get in the spirit of Halloween, check out The Haunted Ghost Ship aboard the Spirit of the Chicago, a Halloween cruise taking place the night of Saturday, October 29. Starting at 11:15pm and lasting until 2:15am, this 21-and-up cruise is the perfect way to celebrate on Halloween weekend.

Head down to 600 East Grand Avenue in Chicago on the evening of the 29th and spend the night dancing to the music of one of the city’s best DJs, get drinks from the full-service bar, and appreciate the costumes of your fellow attendees.

The cruise sets sail from Navy Pier at midnight, providing guests with an incredible view of Lake Michigan and the sparkling Chicago skyline at night. Taking a nighttime cruise on Halloween surrounded by people in creepy costumes will make you feel like you’re on board the Flying Dutchman!

The Haunted Ghost Ship cruise is highly rated and one of the biggest Halloween events in Chicago, so you don’t want to miss it! Get your tickets while you can. Tickets range from $20 for a single person to over $100 for priority boarding. They will be on sale up until the day of the event or until they sell out.

More Volkswagen Electric Cars Are Coming- And That’s A Great Thing

Volkswagen electric cars

VW recently signed a deal with Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile in order to produce more Volkswagen electric cars that will be made available internationally. At the moment VW only has the e-Golf, an electric hatchback version of its Golf model.

Anhui Jianghuai isn’t popular outside of China, but it has met great success this year between its two brands, Jianghuai and Ankai, selling 333,639 units in the first six months of the year. China is pressuring its automakers to produce more electric and low-emission cars because of high pollution rates.

VW has recently indicated that it is going to move more toward battery-powered cars, saying that the VW group, including brands Porsche and Audi in addition to Volkswagen, plans to introduce 30 fully electric cars in the next ten years.

China also hopes to become an electric car leader, and both VW and Anhui Jianghuai agree their partnership will be mutually beneficial in helping them develop more electric and low-emission vehicles, reducing impact on the environment, and supporting Chinese society.

The chairman of Anhui Jianghuai says their company wants to focus on developing vehicles that are both ecofriendly and cost effective and eventually wants to transform the Chinese auto industry.

Four Relaxing Destinations Outside of Chicago

Destinations Outside of Chicago

Chicago is a city with plenty to do and see. However, sometimes you need to get away from the big city for a taste of something different. Fortunately, there are several places nearby Chicago where you can go to relax and unwind. The perfect way to reach those destinations is in a Volkswagen Jetta, of course! The following are four relaxing destinations outside of Chicago.

The Indiana Dunes

If you want to relax on the beach, there is actually a place nearby Chicago where you can do so! Believe it or not, Indiana has a long stretch of beaches that surround Lake Michigan.

Evanston, Illinois

Speaking of relaxing beaches near Chicago, located only 15 miles north of the Midwest Metropolis is Evanston, a picturesque location along Lake Michigan.

Lake Geneva

More aquatic adventures are sure to be found when you take a quick trip from the city of Chicago to one of Illinois’ most popular destinations: the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva!

Rockford, Illinois

Chicago is Illinois’ largest city, so the city life can get pretty hectic. If you are looking for a city that is still large, but a little more relaxing, stop by Rockford, Illinois, which combines a large city look with a small city feel!

Pack up your Jetta today and head off for a relaxing getaway from the big city!

Tips on How to Increase Fuel Efficiency

How to Increase fuel efficiency

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle for drivers today is fuel efficiency. If drivers want to save money at the gas pump, then they are going to need a vehicle with good fuel economy. However, there are other ways that drivers can save on fuel as well. If you are looking to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, then follow these tips on how to increase fuel efficiency.

Slowly Accelerate and Brake

It may be tempting for drivers in a hurry to accelerate quickly and brake only when they have to. While this may get you to your destination quicker, it will not get you there cheaper! Constant accelerating and braking can take its toll on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Use Your Vehicle’s Cruise Control

Going hand in hand with the last tip, utilizing the cruise control that your vehicle comes packaged with will help you maintain a constant speed on the highway, thus eliminating the need for constant throttle management, which lowers fuel economy.

Remove Excess Cargo

Finding time to remove any excess cargo from your vehicle can be difficult. However, it is very helpful in the long run, as the more stuff you have weighing down your vehicle, the worse your vehicle’s fuel efficiency will be.

If you follow these simple times, you will soon be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you can save on the road!

Volkswagen and LG Team Up to Create Cars with a Connectivity Interface Platform

Volkswagen and LG

As technology in our world grows more advanced every day, it is important for that technology to have the ability to connect with other technologies. In fact, connectivity is a hallmark of the emerging technology for the near future. Volkswagen is not a brand that gets caught up in stagnation. Rather, they are always moving forward! It is that spirit of innovation that has helped propel the latest development for the Volkswagen Research and Development Team.

According to a news article from TechCrunch, Volkswagen and LG are teaming up to create cars with a connectivity interface platform.

So what exactly does it mean to have a connectivity interface platform? For a vehicle, it means the ability to connect with smart devices inside the car. In addition, Volkswagen and LG hope to give drivers the ability to interact with the smart devices in their homes even when they are on the road.

This connectivity platform will also help Volkswagen create the latest and most advanced infotainment systems for its vehicles. Meanwhile, the platform will add another layer of connectivity to LG’s smart devices.

With the vehicle technology of Volkswagen and the smart technology of LG coming together, the possibilities for staying connected on the go are endless!