Pet-Proofing Car Tips in Preparation for National Pet Month

Pet-Proofing Car Tips

April is National Pet Month—the time of the year where we all pay special attention to our furry friends. Many pets, dogs in particular, love a leisurely drive in the car (though they might get suspicious if you mention the vet).

Unfortunately, shedding pets can make a big mess in the backseat, so we’ve put together a brief list of pet-proofing car tips:

  • Put a blanket or a plastic tarp over the backseat of your car, so that no matter how much your pet sheds, you’ll be able to remove the covering and wash it.
  • If your dog tends to slobber all over the window, consider covering the glass with plastic wrap to protect it.
  • For smaller pets, like cats, keeping them in a carrier while in the car is not only much safer for the cat but also will keep your car free from cat hair.
  • Keep in mind that plastic floor mats are much easier to clean, in the event of “spills,” than fabric mats.

Do you have any other ideas to protect your car from your lovable, but messy, pets? Let us know in the comments.

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