New Volkswagen TomTom Partnership: Navigation at Your Fingertips

Volkswagen TomTom partnership

Volkswagen is partnering with TomTom to give drivers the best in-car navigation available. By giving drivers real-time traffic data across the globe, Volkswagen is improving vehicle connectivity and adding some innovative new features to keep owners up-to-date on the latest info.

According to Reuters, the Volkswagen TomTom partnership is aimed to supply maps for Volkswagen’s in-dashboard navigation systems, replacing Nokia. That means that about 350,000 new cars will be made with the latest facts at their fingertips.

“Partnering with Volkswagen Group Research to develop the future of HAD reaffirms TomTom’s position as a key partner in the automotive market,” said Harold Goddijn, the CEO of TomTom. “TomTom’s mapping expertise [also] provides the precise data and scalable technology platform needed to enable highly automated driving in cars.”

TomTom and Volkswagen have also been working on automated driving technology that relies on GPS and camera-sensor systems. Right now this program is still in the initial phases, but we couldn’t be more excited about this new partnership.

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