Volkswagen Golf: Best-Selling Car in Europe Goes Electric


Few cars can claim to have the same kind of widespread substance as the Volkswagen Golf. It’s the best-selling car in Europe and not all that unsuccessful in the United States, either.

So it made sense that Volkswagen made it next on the list of cars to go electric. To make sure it didn’t botch the job, the German automaker designed the MkVII platform, which could fit several drivetrains such as the e-Golf’s AC synchronous motor, without sacrificing any of what makes the Golf the Golf.

The e-version isn’t quite as powerful as the gas-powered one, but its instant torque means it gets off the line faster, which is just what city goers really want. Even better, it has a range of about 70-90 miles (depending on your driving style) and is rated at 112 MPGe, which means you get a whole lot of efficiency as a tradeoff for the top speed.

The rest… well, the rest is pure Volkswagen Golf. A cozy interior, a smooth ride, and a peppy attitude that makes it fun to go around corners. Now we just need to wait for electrics to become more popular in the Sierra Volkswagen area!

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