Volkswagen-BMW Partnership: Taking on Tesla

Volkswagen-BMW Partnership

Elon Musk really opened the door to electrical competition with Tesla. Now Volkswagen and BMW are joining forces to tackle a major concern: the current lack of charging stations which are off-putting for many would-be electric vehicle owners. Who wants to run out of juice halfway to a charging station?

The Volkswagen-BMW partnership is looking to help ease minds by adding 100 direct current, fast charging ports across the United States. By partnering with ChargePoint—a startup providing the network for access to charging stations—the partners are looking to get this done quickly. “The build out schedule is literally as fast as humanly possible,” said Robert Healey, BMW’s head of EV infrastructure. “We’re fully funded and fully staffed. The only limiting factor is normal construction time.”

The charging stations will not only support BMW and Volkswagen vehicles, but any vehicle with DC fast-charging capabilities and an SAE Combo connector, the standard favorite. The chargers, as a result, will be compatible with almost all electric vehicles. “From BMW’s perspective, we’re committed to support electric car mobility, not only for BMW but for others,” said Healey. Hats off to that! Your move, Tesla.

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