Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

While many of us set and then break our personal New Year’s resolutions, perhaps its time to successfully complete one. Have you ever considered setting resolutions for your car? If not, here are some great suggestions to get you started.

If you want to take better care of your car, try the following:

  • Get your regularly scheduled maintenance done. This simple thing can help you prevent more extensive and expensive repairs in the future. Just get out your owner’s manual, see what it recommends, and try to follow that schedule. Your car will thank you.
  • Drive more efficiently. Think how much money you could save if you used less fuel. One easy way to drive more efficiently is to stop speeding and calm down. Aggressive driving can cause you to use up to 35% more gas.
  • Check your tire pressure. While most newer cars come with automatic tire pressure sensors that alert you when your pressure is low, you should make a habit of checking your pressure anyway. If your air pressure is low, this will reduce the life of your tires and put a dent in your fuel efficiency.

If you’re looking to create better driving habits, check out these suggestions:

  • Don’t text and drive. Simply make the commitment to never do this. If you find you absolutely need to read or respond to a text, pull over. You and your fellow drivers will thank you.
  • Always have a designated driver. Drinking and driving is never a good idea, no matter what distance you’re travelling. Take turns with your friends on being the designated driver to stay safe in 2015.
  • Wear your seatbelt. This simple tool can reduce your chance of a serious injury or even death in an accident by about 50%. You can also have a seatbelts-for-everyone rule in your car where you don’t start moving until everyone is buckled up.

What resolution will you be setting for your car this year?

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