New Volkswagen Tracker App Monitors Track Performance

Volkswagen recently released more details on a new smartphone app for drivers who like to take their vehicles along the track, allowing them to monitor their track-performance with the new app in conjunction with compatible on-board systems.

The app has both a 0-100 kph timer and a g-force meter, along with keeping a record of braking distances. There will also be a Google Maps function that allows you to watch your vehicle on a virtual track as you go.

All that the app requires for an eligible vehicle is LogBox—a plug-in system installed by dealers that transmits the data from the car to the smartphone, via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the new Volkswagen app and LogBox are only available in Europe at this time.

Surely, the Volkswagen tracker app will eventually spread to American vehicles, assuming that the app is a success. In the meantime, visit us at Sierra Volkswagen to check out all of our available Volkswagen models.

Volkswagen Tracker App

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