How to Remove Smells From a Car

Remove Smells From a Car

Eliminating downright disgusting smells can be difficult and rolling the windows down isn’t always viable. You don’t need any expensive kits or tools to remove tough smells. Odds are you have a few things at home that can get the job done. Here are a few ways to remove smells from a car from us here at Sierra Volkswagen.

  • Cinnamon Sticks – Particularly delightful during the winter season, cinnamon sticks can eliminate odors within an hour. Simply boil the sticks in hot water and pour the resulting liquid into a cup. Allow the water to cool with the windows up. The end result is a sweet smell that will make you forget all about the previous occupying odors.
  • Citrus Peels – Whether you’re a health nut or just love the smell of citrus, save your peels. Oranges, lemons, and lime peels placed in a cup will soak up any lingering smells in your car. After a day or so, you’ll be left with the fruity scent passengers tend to love.
  • Cat Litter – Literally designed to capture and eliminate odors, cat litter does its job well. Let a bowl of litter sit in your car overnight. By the next day, the disgusting smells will be gone. As an added bonus, you can even reuse the litter for your little feline!

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