Volkswagen’s Sales Goals Reaffirmed

Volkswagen's sales goals

Despite what seems to be a plague of problems, Volkswagen is still looking to the skies. The automaker told dealers it wouldn’t be backing away from its mass-market strategy in the United States. The plan is exactly the opposite. Volkswagen’s sales goals are still going forward with several new models planned in coming years.

In March, Volkswagen announced plans to build an SUV larger than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. A smaller compact SUV was also brought up, although there’s no official word on that just yet.

To support the automaker’s plan to continue mass-marketing in the United States, Volkswagen has doubled production of its all-wheel drive station wagon. That vehicle is set to take on Subaru when it hits roadways later this year.

“We are working to redefine the Volkswagen brand in the United States by strengthening our management team, our partnerships with dealers, and our product portfolio,” said Herbert Diess, global head of Volkswagen.

The German automaker primarily builds car designed for Europe. While European models are packed with appliances, that marketing strategy doesn’t work as well in the United States. Thankfully, Volkswagen has been working to redefine the brand in the United States and, despite obstacles, there’s high hopes for the brand’s sales goals in coming years.

Here at Sierra Volkswagen, we couldn’t be happier with the manufacturer’s commitment to the United States market!

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