Tips for Detailing Your Car Like A Pro

Detailing Your Car

Having your car detailed professionally can cost a pretty penny, but the results leave your car looking, smelling, and feeling like new. Whether you just want to clean your car up a bit for your own enjoyment, or you’re selling your car, here are some tried and true tips and tricks for detailing your car like a pro on your own.

Clean the carpets and any upholstery. We recommend using a brush with stiff bristles and an air compressor to shake loose every last morsel of dirt. Use the air compressor to blow dirt from every nook and cranny of the car onto the mats, this way you can easily remove the mats and use the brush and a vacuum to remove the dirt. Use a professional carpet cleaner to clean the mats and floors. If you have leather seats, wipe them down with a leather conditioner.

Clean the ducts to remove smells. Use the air compressor to blow dust and dirt from the air conditioner and heater ductwork. This will help to reduce or eliminate any musty smell that your car’s air system is putting out.

Hand wash and wax.  There’s just no carwash quite like a hand wash. Use a carwash-specific soap (dish soap will strip your car of its wax coating), and be sure to use microfiber towels or a rubber-blade squeegee to dry it right away. Be sure to use a bug sponge to remove all insects that met their demise on the front of your car.

Clean the windows. Use a window cleaning solution to clean all the windows, windshield, and rear glass – both inside and out.

Wipe down all surfaces. Using a soft, clean cloth, wipe down the dash, steering wheel, and every other exposed surface in the cabin.

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